enDAQ Cloud API Wrapper

The API Wrapper provides a simple command-line interface for accessing basic file and device information from the enDAQ Cloud API. Output of all commands except account and attributes are in csv files in the output folder.

To access the cloud, this tool requires an API key associated with a user’s enDAQ Cloud account, which can be provided in two ways:

  • (recommended) add to the endaq.cloud project directory a .env file, formatted like so:

    API_KEY=<Your Key>
  • pass in an API key through the command line using the --key option


For security reasons, it is generally discouraged to make an authentication key visible on-screen or accessible through the clipboard, such as when using the --key option; we provide the key option solely as a convenience.

Runs on Python 3.6 and higher.



Outputs file information for selected number of files and attributes


Outputs file information for file with specified ID to output file


Output device information for selected number of files


Output device information for device with specified ID to output file


Prints out account information


Adds an attribute to a specified file


Creates a .env file with passed-in API key (NOT SECURE)



Command Line Help

--id, -i

File or Device ID

--limit, -l

File or Device output limit; Max 100 default 50

--key, -k


--attributes, -a

Attributes to be outputted; options = all or att1,att2...; default is None

--name, -n

Attribute Name

--type, -t

Attribute Type; options = int, float, string, boolean

--value, -v

Attribute Value

--verbose, -V

Prints out URL API calls


  • endaq-cloud set-env -k <API_KEY>

  • endaq-cloud download -i <FILE_ID> -o <OUTPUT_FOLDER>

  • endaq-cloud files -a <ATTRIBUTES_TO_GET> -l <FILE_OR_DEVICE_OUTPUT_LIMIT>

  • endaq-cloud file-id -i <FILE_ID>

  • endaq-cloud devices -l <FILE_OR_DEVICE_OUTPUT_LIMIT>

  • endaq-cloud device-id -i <DEVICE_ID>

  • endaq-cloud account

  • endaq-cloud attribute -n <ATTRIBUTE_NAME> -t <ATTRIBUTE_TYPE> -v <ATTRIBUTE_VALUE> -i <FILE_ID>